Like countless others, you have been spirited here by unfathomable means, captive to the planet's call

You awake, lost and confused, to find your new home has endowed you with powerful new abilities. Abilities that increase in potency with each piece of Planet Fulcrum’s territory under your control; Intensifying your power and aiding you on your quest for dominion.


Potestas Isle

Home to a massive geyser of unrefined Fulcra energy, the very beacon that summoned you to this strange land. Control this region to harness its turbulent energy.

Daemons Forge

A fiery volcanic outcrop, spewing forth plumes of searing magma, set in a savage landscape where only the strongest prosper. Control this region and forge your own strength in its flames.


Mount Immortalis

A huge glacial formation of diamond-like minerals, looming over its frigid environs like some gigantic crystalline monument. Control this region to clothe yourself in its bulwark resilience.

Furtivas Forest

A sanctuary woven from countless boughs and branches, the eternal whisper of long-forgotten wisdom haunts its darkest depths. Control this region and transform your mind into a weapon.


Corposant Canyon

A maze of rugged valleys and winding passages carved into the landscape, home to a perpetually crackling electrical storm. Control its inhospitable corridors and receive lightening-fast celerity.

Your quest will not be easy

You are not alone, and others share the same desire for the planets' power.

Sarah Jane Harper

Orphaned before she could talk, Sarah Jane Harper has known enough loss and hardship. The harsh crucible of her life has forged a diamond-hard cynicism, resilience, and determination seldom seen in one so young.

Franklin Mason Jr.

Privilege, the friend of entitlement and enemy of humility; every word is true when describing Franklin Mason Jr. His physical strength is outweighed only by his joy of terrorizing anyone below his elevated standing.

General Tremlenaux

Adored and admired commander-in-chief of the armies of the Divine Flame. War harbors few secrets for this granite-tough, battle-veteran. Despite his rank, he's always the first on the field of battle and the last to leave.

Masuta Xhi-Kaar

Venerable warrior and spiritual leader of the Nezumi Empire; Masuta Xhi-Kaar embodies his people’s unshakable tenet of honor above all. Disciplined and devout his serenity and focus in the heat of battle belie the horrors of warfare.

Conflict is inevitable

Consider your actions with caution, Planet Fulcrum sees all and responds in kind. Those wicked of deed cannot walk with the righteous. But wickedness has its own rewards.



Honest, noble, and fair; Guardians play the role of protector, guarding against those who seek to corrupt the planet. The path of the Guardian is righteous and just, but individual power is sacrificed for the strength of the group.



Ambiguous, enigmatic, and alone; Nomads care not for the baubles and accolades which accompany victory. Nomads live only for the glory of battle and path is one of loneliness and hardship, but can bring unlimited glory.



Savage, ruthless, and cruel; Overlords lust for supreme dominance of the planet. Only the strongest rule, subjugating the weakest to nourish their will to power. The path of the Overlord offers great power but is vicious and unforgiving.



1-4 players, for a limited time.



Launching in February 2021

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