Control territories, develop your character, and battle rivals

Each action will affect your Morality tracker and in turn, determines your faction alignment. Master each aspect to achieve victory.


Collect cubes

During the game, you’ll move around the board collecting Fulcra, coalesced cubes of the planet’s raw power. Exchange these for planetary territory and tier increases for your Power cards.

Control territory

The more territory you control, the stronger your bond with Planet Fulcrum and the more powerful you will become. But be prepared to defend your gains from those who would steal it from you.


Increase abilities

Specific Power cards represent your abilities. You will increase their tier level and potency by controlling territory within the matching region, then use them to battle your rivals.

Battle rivals

Battle your rivals in strategic deck-driven combat. Use secret modifiers to gain the competitive edge and defeat your foes to reduce their power and with it, their territorial control.


Track your actions

On Planet Fulcrum you don’t choose your faction. Your actions do. Each affects your Morality tracker, which in turn determines your faction alignment. Act righteously and be elevated into the ranks of the Guardians; Evil deeds will see you slide into the clutches of the Overlords. Or achieve balance and be welcomed as a Nomad.

Emerge victorious

Accrue points by controlling territory, leveling up your Power cards, and collecting items. The game ends when every territory is under player control. The player with the highest points total is the victor.




Best played with 4 players.



If all players know the rules.


Age appropriate

Suitable for ages 12+.


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